Robotics for social welfare


  • Lucía Fernández Cossío Treelogic
  • Jesús Manuel López Salvador Treelogic
  • Sergio Fínez Martínez Treelogic



Social robotics, Therapy, Dementia, Well-being, Cognitive stimulation.


Supported by developments in the field of social robotics, virtual worlds and ICT tools it is possible to build new solutions in health and welfare. Two projects are described in this article. They are intended to improve efficiency and quality of current therapeutic procedures. The ESTIMULO project improves emotional and cognitive status of people with dementia using a reactive pet-robot. The ELDERTOY project modifies the classical concept from the toy industry to develop a new solution for the aged people. ELDERTOY involves a double purpose, fun and therapeutic. In a complementary way, these projects aim to be an example of the breaking of the technology gap both of seniors and of people with disabilities. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to promote and adapt scientific and technological knowledge to be applied to improve significantly the standard of quality of life in society.




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Fernández Cossío, L., López Salvador, J. M., & Fínez Martínez, S. (2012). Robotics for social welfare. Journal of Accessibility and Design for All, 2(1), 94–113.